Pure-Spa - Spa Chlorine Shock

Rapid dissolving unstabilised Chlorine Granules - 1kg

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Pure-Spa - Spa Chlorine Shock Granules - 1kg

Rapid Dissolving Chlorine Shock Granules are an unstabilised chlorine shock product ideal for raising Chlorine readings without having an impact on stabiliser readings (cyanuric acid).

Ideal for Shock Dosing swimming pool or spa water on a weekly basis or after heavy bathing.

1. Test the water for Chlorine levels using a Chlorine test kit or dip stick

2. Ensure bathing has ceased before adding chemicals to water

3. It is recommended swimming pool water is shock dosed after heavy bathing and/or during warm weather to ensure water clarity is maintained and sanitiser efficiency

4. Add Chlorine Shock Granules directly to circulating water with water temperature above 20°c (for temperatures below 20°c add product to 10 litres of clean water in a clean plastic container and add to directly to the circulating pool water).

5. To increase Free Chlorine reading by 1 PPM (Parts per Million) add 35g per 25 M3 (5,500 gallons) of swimming pool water

6. A shock dose of Chlorine Shock should achieve a reading between 5 - 8 PPM

7. During the shock dose process always ensure water is circulating via the filter and all pool covers are removed

8. After 24 hours re-check Free Chlorine Readings and pH levels

9. Swimming should not resume until Free Chlorine levels are below 5 PPM (but above 2 PPM) and pH levels are 7.3 - 7.5

10. If you experience any difficulties please contact your dealer

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