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SpaCare TabTwenty are 20 g chlorine tablets that dissolve slowly, used to ensure water hygiene in large outdoor spa baths, hot tubs and children's pools with a water content of 500-3000 liters.

Operating Instructions
The tablets are most easily added via a chlorine machine mounted in the plant's filtration circuit.
Fill the chlorine machine with, for example, 5-8 tablets a week for a whirlpool with an amount of 1000-1200 liters.

To avoid overchlorination, only one tablet should be added for a week.
The tablets can be added directly into the waste disposal bin or in a tablet float.
Never throw TabTwenty tablets directly into the pool / spa.

Check and adjust the chlorine value, pH and alkaline amount regularly to the value: chlorine content 1.0-3.0 mg / l; PH 7.0-7.4; Alkality 80-120 mg / l.
If the hot tub is used a lot, the water should be changed regularly and the pool cleaned.
The built-in pipe system is cleaned 3-4 times a year with SpaCare Biofilm Cleaner.

Return two filter cartridges.
When one cartridge is used as a filter, place the other in a cleaning tube, fitted with the SpaCare Filter Cartridge Cleaner.
After one week of use as a filter, replace the dirty cartridge with the clean cartridge in the cleaning tube.
In TabTwenty treated water, SpaCare MiniChlor or SpaChock can be supplied at any time e.g. For shock chlorination.

Shower well before bathing.
A person who is not showered pollutes the water in the spa 200 times more than a freshly injured person.

Best before: See the date of the package.
Empty packaging and residues must be submitted to the municipal collection site for special waste and hazardous waste.
After cleaning with water, the package can be handled as ordinary waste.

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