Cable - IN.Link HC 1 Speed

15A 240V 8FT T CE

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Shelf Location: 600DB0901
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This cable is used to connect the Gecko in.xm2 and in.xe spa control boxes to a single-speed pump. plugs include an integrated latch that maintains them in place and provides audible and tactile feedback when in.links are properly seated. They also have a coloured surround, which is keyed to ensure that the plug can only go in the correct socket. The options for this surround are orange for pump 1, purple for pump 2, or green for pump 3.

The wires inside the cable are coloured black (live), white (neutral) and green (earth).

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Cable length: 245 cm
Part numbers
Gecko: 600DB0901, HC-1S-15A-CE or HC-1-15-240-8T