Waterway Threaded Cluster Storm Jet Body

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Part Number:: H02 - M01/03
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This Waterway Clusterstorm jet body has an internal thread and is suitable to fit all Waterway Cluster Storm screw-in jets.

This will not accept the old style clip in jets.

Fixing nut and gasket

Can Be Used With
All screw-in Waterway Clusterstorm Jets with a threaded diffuser.

Additional Info
This jet body is made with translucent material which allows spas installed with OEM backlit LED lights to show through into the hot tub water.

If replacing existing jet bodies you may also require addition Water and Air flexible pipes to connect up to the barb fittings:

Water: 3/4 inch flexible
Air: 3/8 inch flexible

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Water Connection Ø: 3/4" Ribbed Barb
Air Connection Ø: 3/8" Ribbed Barb
Height: 75 mm (standing on face)
Fits a hole size of: 40 mm
Face Ø: 50mm