LX Wet End Assembly - Complete

LP250, WP250 - Post '08

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LX - Wet End Assembly LP250, WP250 - 2,5Hp

Direct replacement wet end complete with shaft seal for LP250, WP250 pumps manufactured after 2008.

** 2008 LP & WP pumps and wet ends are manufactured with a shorter suction (approx. 15mm) and discharge port (approx. 30mm). You may find on some hot tubs with very rigid plumbing that the newer versions will not line up with pipework. The wet end faceplate moulding is different and they are also "open" on the rear of the wet end casing as opposed to the pre 08 wet ends which are encased.

If you are replacing a pre '08 version we are finding that the Waterway Executive equivalent tends to fit better.

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Wet End Information
Frame Size: 56F
Union Connection Ref: 2.00 Inch
Configuration: Center Suction, Side Discharge
Connection Diameter: 79mm
Thread Type: Male - Buttress
Impeller Diameter: 112 mm
Impeller Vane Gap: 11 mm
Shaft Seal Type: Type A