GM-210 wet end seal

Type A - JA, LP & WP

299 kr
Including Tax: 59.80 kr

Shelf Location: LXB-16
Part Number:: H01 - M03/02
Quick Find Code: 7397
Code: ABE0399
Availability: 2 pcs
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This seal is compatible with the Whirlpool LX JA35, JA50, JA75, JA100, JA150, JA200, LP, WP200, WP250, WP300, WP400-I, EA350, EA450, TDA35, TDA50, TDA75, TDA100, TDA200 and WTC50M pumps.

This seal ensures that the water doesn't leak out of the pump wet end, along the motor spindle. It comes in two parts: one mounts on the wet end and the other slots in behind the impeller.

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Ceramic ring
Ø Exterior: 35.4
Ø Interior: 18.8
Thickness: 9.1
Ø Exterior: 41.5
Ø Interior: 17.8
Thickness: 20.3