Spa Cap

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The Spa Cap protects your expensive insulating cover from damage from the sun and dirt.

This cover cap will fit over most cover lifters. Our silver cover cap will reflect and waterproof your cover. This will add years to the surface of your cover.

Prevents fading and colour change.
Protect your cover from UV , strong sun , tree sap, insects etc.

Happy Cover Guard has a 250mm skirt with elasticated corners for easy fitting and removal. Made from enhanced woven Polyethylene.

Check your hot tub size before ordering. This product is designed to protect a standard hot tub cover it will not act as an insulated cover. This not a safety cover

Remove the Happy Cover Cap before opening the main spa cover or it will result in damage.

Finns i Storlekar
XS: 200x200x25cm
S: 210x210x25cm
M: 220x220x25cm
L: 230x230x25cm
XL: 240x240x25cm
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