Chinese Topside Control - TCP8-3 - Ethink KL8-3H

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This topside panel is specific for Chinese Hot Tubs, it comes complete with the front face design. This is also known as the KL8-3H Ethink control panel.

This is typically use in conjunction with the KL8300 Control Box.

Button Configuration

See Photo gallery above.
Additional Info

Used primarily in older Spa Serve Hot Tubs.

Stable temperature mode, pre-heating mode, temperature display and adjustment.
Hourly settings
Program for cleaning cycles
Possibility to connect an audio CD system. Display of radio frequencies (10 channels).
Adjustable volume and volume display
Ozone mode
Anti-frost mode
Possibility to display and manage the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Management capacity: 3 pumps
Panel lock

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Width: 208 mm
Height: 104 mm