Underwater Light - RGB

without Control (7 leds)

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This multi-colored slave bulb can be linked to a 7 LED light with control, for a cascade connection (don't forget the extension cable!).

It is most often found on Wellis spas.
The controller integrated in the master bulb and the 7 LEDs allow you to obtain very beautiful color effects: slow or fast color sequence, intensity variations and strobe effect. Each ON/OFF pulse on your keyboard allows you to change the color sequence.

Its round connector allows you to connect another bulb in cascade.

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Technical data
Voltage: 12V AC
Current: 2.4 A, RGB
Waterproof, Performance: 12 W, Without controller
Number of leds: 7 PCS
Connection: 4 PIN
Total width: 94 mm
Diameter: 84 mm
Thickness: 25 mm
Weight: 0.222 kg
Temperature: ~ 50 C°
Compatible spa light assembly
Rising Dragon: 127 mm
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