Waterway Super Hi-Flo 2" suction

Black - 2 Inch Pipe Work

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Waterway Super High Flow Suction 5.0" - 200GPM Grey

Waterway 5.0"Ø Super Hi-Flow suction. Common Hot tub suction with back nut. Fits 2.5" (73mm) pipe work NOT 75mm metric pipe work, Can be reduced with Waterway Suction adaptor/reducer to fit 2.00 inch pipework.
Cover Ø: 132mm
Thread Ø: 39mm
Screw Spacing: 120mm
Height Overall: 83mm
Height in tub 38mm
Flow: 200gpm
Suction Nut Ø: 2" (60mm)
Finish: Black
Material: PVC plastic
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