LX WTC50M Circulation Pump - 1 Speed 0.35Hp - 1.50" Suction

LX WTC50M Whirlpool Pump - 1 Speed 0.35Hp

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Note that LX pumps are no longer fitted with air switches. Air switchs or pneumatic control boxes can be fitted by a qualified electrician to these pumps.

LX WTC50M Whirlpool Pump - 1 Speed 0.35Hp - 1.50" Suction

LX Whirlpool pumps are now common place on hot tubs imported from all around the world. Fitted to brands such as MAAX, Cascade, Trinity, Monalisa and AMC Winer along with many other newer spa brands appearing in the European market. A wide range of models across the range means you can often replace more expensive pump brands with these great alternatives. It is often used as a circulation pump on hot tubs and swim spas.

The WTC50M is a self drain centre discharge pump. It is commonly used as a circulation pump on hot tubs and swim spas but can also be found fitted to many whirlpool baths as well.

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Modell Information
Mått L x B x H: 290x160x200mm
Mått Förpackning: 320x170x240mm
Typ: 24hr Circulation
Modell: WTC
Nominell HP: 0.35Hp
Vikt: 6kg
Motor Information
Spänning/Frekvens: 220-230V / 50Hz
Ström: 1A
Prestanda: 0,25kW
RPM: 1400/min
Frekvens: 50Hz
Vattentät: IP55
Kondensator: 7µf
Kabelanslutning: 3 Core AMP
Temperatur: ~ 50C°
Luftströmbrytare: Nej
HEAD - H max: 3,8m
FLOW - Q max: 14 m³/h
HEAD - H min: -
Pumphus Information
Ram Storlek: -
Union Anslutning Ref: 1,5"
Konfiguration: Centrum insug, Sidoutlopp
Del Nr: -
Anslutningsdiameter: 62mm
Gänga Typ: Hane
Impeller Nr: -
Impeller Diameter: -
Impeller Axel: -
Impeller Punkt Färg: -
Axeltätning Typ: Typ A - (GM-210)