Balboa Niagara (Vico Ultimax) 3.0Hp Wet End - 2x2

48 Frame (92mm) & 56 Frame (104mm)

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This wet end will fit motors that have a type 48 frame mount patterns (92mm centre to centre). Please check before ordering.

OEM wet end for the Balboa Niagara hot tub pump range.
Fits 2.0" (79mm) Unions. This is the 3.0Hp version for both the single or two speed pump. This wet end may also be fitted to some Sta-Rite pump motors as well.
A common wet end found on many hot tubs and spa sold in the UK.

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Wet End Information
Frame Size: 48F/56F
Union Connection Ref: 2.00 Inch
Configuration: Center Suction, Side Discharge
Part No.: 1215186
Connection Diameter: 79mm
Thread Type: Male - Buttress
Impeller Part No.: 1212235
Impeller Dot Colour: Green, Red
Spare Parts Available: No