LX Wet End Assembly - Complete


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This is a 48-Frame housing, with the same centre distances between the motor mounting points as seen on other pump casing of this size (see diagram opposite).

LX - Wet End Assembly EA-350 - 1.00Hp

Direct replacement wet end complete with shaft seal.

This complete wet end for the LX Whirlpool single-speed EA350 pump is sold with its volute casing, turbine, mechanical seal, flange and o-ring.

If you have any doubts about the measurement of the frame (in 48-Frame or 56-Frame), we explains how to measure the fixing distances.

Discharge and suction: male threaded fitting with an external diameter of 62 mm, for a connection with a 62 mm pump union for 1.5" pipe
This pump normally connects to1.5" pipes. You can also choose a connection with 50 mm pipes.

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Wet End Information
Union Connection Ref: 1.50 Inch
Configuration: Low Suction, Center Discharge
Connection Diameter: 63mm
Thread Type: Male - Buttress
Impeller Diameter: 96mm
Impeller Vane Gap: 13mm
Shaft Seal Type: Type B
Spare Parts Available: Yes