Pump 48F - UltraJet 2.0Hp - 1 Speed

2" Suction - 2Hp - 1 Speed

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The Niagara hot tub pump range from Balboa are designed to replace the Ultimax pump from Vico and Sta-Rite. The wet ends fitted to this range are the same fitment and dimensions as the Ultimax making for an easy swap over.

The large and powerful Simel motor also benefits from a low profile electrical box, this makes these pumps easy to fit into tight spaces while retaining the strength of a 56 frame motor. Two speed motors have split start and run capacitors which help to conserve energy.
  • Uses 2 inch connections
Modell Information
Mått L x B x H: 395x170x205mm
Typ: 1 Hastighet
Modell: Niagara
Nominell HP: 2,0Hp
MPN: 1023321
Vikt: ~15-20kg
Motor Information
Spänning/Frekvens: 220-230V / 50Hz
Ström: 8,7 A
Prestanda: 1,6 kW
RPM: 2875/min
Frekvens: 50Hz
Vattentät: IP55
Kondensator: 36µf
Kabelanslutning: 2 Core AMP
Temperatur: ~ 50C°
Luftströmbrytare: Nej
HEAD - H max: - m
FLOW - Q max: - M³/h
HEAD - H min: -
Pumphus Information
Ram Storlek: 48F/48F
Union Anslutning Ref: 2"
Konfiguration: Centrum Sug, Sidoutgång
Del Nr.: -
Anslutningsdiameter: 79mm
Gäng Typ: Hane
Impeller Del Nr.: -
Impeller Diameter: -
Impeller Vane Gap: -
Impeller Prick Färg: -
Axeltätningstyp: -
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